The Process Of Quenched and Tempered Rod

The Process Of Quenched and Tempered Rod

Quenched and tempered rod usually used for cylinder rod production.Then through induction hardening and hard chrome plated, the piston rod has good corrosion resistance and hardness.

The quenched and tempered rods are characterized by high strength and good ductility.

Thermal refining: Generally, the heat treatment method combined of quenching and high-temperature tempering is called thermal refining, which is widely applied to various important structural parts, especially the connecting rods, bolts, gears and shafts working under alternating load. The tempered sorbite has better mechanical property than normalized sorbite of the same hardness. Its hardness depends on tempering temperature and relates to stability of tempering and sectional dimension of workpiece, and is generally HB200-350.

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