The Major Applications Of Engineering Hydraulic Cylinders

The Major Applications Of Engineering Hydraulic Cylinders

The Engineering Hydraulic Cylinders have many great applications in many industrial sectors,They are responsible for the functioning of many essential features in our surroundings, such as buildings, cars, trams, and elevators. Now we will explore the numerous applications of hydraulic cylinders. The cylinder’s work is varied, and its application is vital for global development.

There is no limit to the application of hydraulic cylinder, but certain industries heavily rely on them. Hydraulic cylinders are primarily used in the mining industry, though they are also present in agriculture, aerospace, forestry, automotive, civil engineering, and metal/plastic manufacturing.

Each of these industries depends at least in part on custom hydraulic cylinders to convert unidirectional force into unidirectional motion. While pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical systems are gaining popularity in the industry, the power, reliability, and capacity of hydraulic cylinders are unmatched. This is why many industries trust hydraulic cylinder applications in their machines.

  1. Mining (earth moving vehicles such as cranes, drills, loaders)
  2. Civil Engineering (construction of dams, bridges)
  3. Alternative Energy (wind turbines movement, sea roller, wave energy converter, ocean buoy)
  4. Waste Management (dump trucks, compressing devices),single acting telescopic cylinder or double acting cylinders)
  5. Forestry (logging heads, transporters)
  6. Maritime (ship building, docks management)
  7. Agricultural (sprayers, harvesters, plows, trenchers, sowers)
  8. Ariel Work Platform
  9. Aerospace (plane building, movement of flaps and landing gears)

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