4140 Hard Chrome Bar

4140 chrome plated bar

4140 Hard Chrome Bar

As a professional 4140 Hard Chrome Plated Bar manufacturer and supplier, Anbao Hydraulic has been supplying and exporting 4140 hard chrome bar from China for almost 35 years, Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via inquiry@ab-steel.com, we will reply you within 1 working day.

Material:  4140, 42CrMo, 42Crmo4, SCM440, SAE4130(25CrMo4), SAE4340(36CrNiMo4)
Diameter:Φ 6-500mm
Length: max 20 meters
Chrome layer: min 20/25/30/50 Micron or customized
Hardness of the chrome layer:850 HV (min) – 1150 HV
Roughness:Ra <= 0.4
Straightness:<= 0.5/1000
Diameter tolerance: ISO f7/f8/f9/h8/h9 or as request
Roundness:Half of the tolerance ISO f7

Heat treatment Type:1) Normal no heat  2)Q+T(Quenched+Tempered) 3)Induction Hardened

Chrome plated bar/ Hard chrome rod/Induction hardened chrome bar

4140 hard chrome bar supplier
4140 hard chrome bar manufacturer

Delivery condition:
Hard Chrome Piston Rod
Quenched & Tempered (Q+T) Rod
Induction Hardened Rod
Q+T Induction Hardened Rod
Corrosion resistance:
Test in natural salt spray according to ASTM B 117-96 hours.

4140 chrome plated bar

Advantages Of Our 4140 Hard Chrome Bars

  1. Precision material parts strictly according to customer&request drawing,packing and quality request
    2.Tolerance: can be kept in +/-0.01mm
    3.The most advanced inspector to ensure the quality
    4.Experienced technology engineers and well trained workers
    5.Fast and timely delivery. Speedily &professional service
    6.Give customer professional suggestion while in the process of customer designing to save costs

Our main business range is listed as follows:

Carbon Seamless Steel pipe/tube

Hydraulic cylinder tube(Honed tube)

Hard chrome plated rod/bar/shaft(Piston rod)

Hydraulic cylinder

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Email: inquiry@ab-steel.com  

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