34CrMo/34CrMo4 Seamless Steel Tube

34CrMo4 seamless steel tube

34CrMo/34CrMo4 Seamless Steel Tube

We are supplying thin wall thickness seamless steel pipe by material 34CrMo/34CrMo4.
This kind of pipe is widely used for making gas cylinder.

34CrMo Steel gas cylinders are manufacturing special steel cylinders. Requirements are usually smaller carbon content, strictly control the sulphur and phosphorus contents, meet the strength at the same time, good toughness and impact energy. 100% non-destructive testing.

Standards: GB18248 – 2000

OD: Φ50-325mm; wall thickness: 3-55mm;

OD tolerance: ±0.75%;

Wall margin: -10%—+12.5%

Transverse slope: ≤2mm;

Straightness: 1mm/1m;

Inside diameter roundness: no more than 80% of the OD diameter tolerance

Surface quality: without crack, folding, delamination and stammer

Product Categories: Seamless steel tubes for high pressure vessels

Usages: For all kinds of fuel, hydraulic, trailer, station with gas bottle

Steel Grade: 34CrMo4、 34CrMo 、30CrMo、34Mn2V、35CrMo、40CrMo 、 42Crmo 、 42Crmo4 、 37Mn、16Mn Surface

Process: cold drawn/cold rolled/Hot drawn/Hot rolled

Surface : Bared Black Painting, Galvanized,Coating

Package:Bundles, Bulk,PVC bags,Plywood case

34Crmo4 chemical composition
34CrMo4 Mechanical properties

Applications of 34Crmo,34Crmo4,35Crmo Seamless Alloy Steel Tube

Used for important structural parts that work under high pressures, such as gas cylinder pipe ,transmission parts of vehicles and engines;  Turbogenerator rotor, spindle, heavy load drive shaft, large section parts  

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