Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

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Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

As a professional custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturer and supplier, Anbao Hydraulic has been supplying and exporting hydraulic cylinders from China for almost 25 years, Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via, we will reply you within 1 working day.


Inside Cylinder Tube Dia: 40 – 1000 mm (1.5 – 40 inch)

Liner material: copper (prolongs the life cycle of cylinder)

Hydraulic cylinder tube material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel

Piston Rod Dia:

12 – 500 mm (1/2 – 20 inch)  Hydraulic Piston Rod should be hard chrome plated to minimum thickness of 35-55 microns and polished to 0.15 um Ra

Chrome Plated: Cr, Ni or Ceramic

Design Pressure: Max 700 bar (10150 PSI)

Valves: SUN (USA),or famous Chinese brand with same quality to PARKER

Seals Type: PARKER (USA), MERKEL (Germany) or NOK (Japan)

Liner material: copper (prolongs the life cycle of cylinder)

Bearings: LONGXI (China) or SKF

Painting: follow with customer requirement or 3-coat marine painting

Application: Shipbuilding, offshore oil & gas engineering,Photovoltaic & wind power. construction machinery (excavator loader Crane/ snowplow/sanitation vehicle), agricultural machinery, hydraulic engineering, heavy machinery 

Anbao Custom OEM Cylinder Types

Welded Design Hydraulic Cylinder
Integrated Valve Hydraulic Cylinder
Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder
Mill Duty Hydraulic Cylinder
High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder
Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom-hoist Hydraulic Cylinder
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder
Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder
Large Bore Hydraulic Cylinder

Not only we could manufacture all kinds of hydraulic cylinders according to the drawing from our customers,but also we could make a design according to customer’s requirements.If you require our engineer to make a design,please advise us the following specification:

  1. Rated pressure
  2. Working pressure
  3. Test pressure
  4. Working condition and environment ,for example ,temperature ,working frequency
  5. Pulling force ,and return stroke force
  6. Pulling and return speed
  7. Assembly size  
  8. Seal ring requirements .For example , brand ,seal material etc .
  9. Tube and piston rod raw material requirements
  10. Piston rod surface treatment requirements, for example chroming film thickness,Surface hardness etc .
  11. Painting and other spare parts requirements .
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Our main business range is listed as follows:

Carbon Seamless Steel pipe/tube

Hydraulic cylinder tube(Honed tube)

Hard chrome plated rod/bar/shaft(Piston rod)

Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Bar

Hollow Chrome Plated Bar

Hydraulic cylinder

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