What is 25CrMo4 equivalent to?

What is 25CrMo4 steel equivalent to?

25CrMo4 (4130) is a heat-resistant, heat-treatable steel grade that is often used for components with high loads in motorsport, industry and in aviation. Among other things, cylinder piston rods, screws, roller shafts, roll cages, chassis components and vehicle frames are made from this.

Due to its chemical composition, 25CrMo4 is suitable for hardening and has a tensile strength of over 650 N / mm² in the tempered state.

25CrMo4 is valued for its good weldability and bendability.

25CrMo4 Properties

German Designation 1.7218
Specifications LN9369 / AIR9160C, TE012
Mateial Properties EN 10269, KG, 4130, G41300, J24056
Mechanical Properties
Conditions Quenched, tempered, peeled,induction hardened Q+T
Tensile Strength 600-1100 N/mm²
Chemical Composition
C: 0,22 – 0,29 %
Cr: 0,9 – 1,2 %
Mn: 0,6 – 0,9 %
Mo: 0,15 – 0,3 %
P: max. 0,025 %
S: max. 0,035 %
Si: max. 0,4 %


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