Production process of ST52 chrome plated honed tube

ST52 chrome plated honed tube is used for the production of mechanical parts. Its precision requirements are high, so it must be said that complicated process and strict inspection can be delivered, and with the continuous development of technology, the production process of honing pipe is constantly improving. perfect.

In order to make the production efficiency of ST52 electroplating honing pipe high, we have adopted a new production process, which is produced by grinding and automatic grinding. Among them, automated grinding includes the use of electric or ultrasonic grinding to complete production tasks.

The daily working principle of the ST52 electroplating honing pipe is mainly the pressure generated by the sand on the belt, and the surface grinding under the rotation speed. After the upper and lower movement of the abrasive belt, the upper and lower surfaces of the workpiece are grounded back and forth to achieve the effect. Of course, in the grinding process, it is necessary to continuously add lubricating oil and perform cooling, which cannot affect the processing quality of the workpiece.

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