The hard chrome plating process of Anbao cylinder rod

The hard chrome plating process of Anbao cylinder rod

Hard chrome plating, also known as hard chromed, is a technique of electroplating that applies a thin layer of chromium onto a cylinder piston rod. Chrome plating is used to provide a working surface that requires one or more of the following characteristics: to reduce friction, resist abrasion, or increase corrosion resistance. It is very hard, measuring between 66 to 70 HRC.  Surface defects and roughness are amplified because hard chrome does not have a leveling effect.

Friction between a Anbao cylinder rod and its seals, and the resulting wear, has a crucial influence on the efficiency and service life of a hydraulic cylinder. Chrome plating is a cost-effective repair option that can allow salvage of a cylinder rod, cylinder tube, or valve spool instead of replacing it with new.

In addition to the cost benefits, chrome plating also creates a hardened wear surface, extending the life of most high wear areas resulting in longer run times between repair or replacement of cylinder piston shaft seals. It can also be used to build thickness on bearing journal areas as well as, valve spools to ensure proper fit when the housing needs to be honed to remove scoring.

Chrome plating is recommended in cases where existing chrome is damaged, worn through to the base metal, scored or dented.Hydraulic cylinder rod damage can allow contaminants to enter the hydraulic system which accelerates seal wear and eventually cause internal leaks. Chrome plating restores the hydraulic cylinder rod or cylinder hollow rod surface to like-new condition or in some cases better than OEM specifications.

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