How is cold drawn seamless tube made?

Manufacturing Process of Cold Drawn Seamless Tube

Cold drawn seamless tube and pipe is a cold drawn 1020/st52 steel tube produced by piercing hot billets and subsequent rolling which reduces their diameter and elongates them. This material is then passed through a die and over a mandrel plug to produce an accurate size and gauge which is the essence of the cold drawing process.Cold drawn seamless tubing provides a better uniformed OD and ID, enhanced machinability, increased strength, and tighter tolerances compared to hot finish seamless products.

Benefits of Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing:

  • Superior surface finish
  • High yield strength
  • Dimensional accuracy and excellent micro-structure uniformity
  • Enhanced machinability
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Tight tolerances, resulting in reduced machine time
  • Possible spiraling eccentricity inherent in product

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