The Delivery Conditions For Precision Steel Honed Tubing

Generally speaking, Precision steel honed tube referred to the cold finished tubing with thin wall thickness or highly polished surface. Precision steel tubing is highly polished or bright annealed surface. These tubes particularly suitable for use in power industry, automotive and agricultural machinery applications for pipelines in the mechanical applications such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The cold finished precision steel tubes are free choice of continuous sizes and fine surface quality. A pickled surface can be delivered on request. Surface roughness is less than 0.4 μm on both the outside and inside surfaces is guaranteed. Precision tubes covers increased variety of materials, such as: Austenitic stainless steels, Duplex stainless steels and Nickel alloys ad so on. Precision steel tubes are offered in accordance with customer’s request and application in different delivery conditions. 5 types of available delivery conditions according to DIN 2391(EN 10305-1) is showed below:

1. +C(BK)Cold finished (hard)

Tubes has no heat treatment is carried out after the final cold forming step. The formability of such tubing is limited. Residual stresses may occur.

2.+SR(BKS)Cold finished and stress-relieved

The final annealing is performed below the Acl point to eliminate the cold working stress

3.+LC(BKW)Cold finished (Soft)

After the final heat treatment, the steel pipe is processed with small deformation and limited cold deformation is allowed during reprocessing (bending, flaring).


The last Cold forming process is followed by annealing under a controlled atmosphere.


The last cold forming process is followed by annealing above the upper transformation point under controlled atmosphere.

Production of seamless precision steel tubes in accordance to international standards e. g. EN 10305-1ASTM A519, DIN 2391-1 .ect, Other standards on inquiry. As one of the leading stock holders in China in this product range, Anbao Group offer a broad product range of seamless and cold finished precision steel tubes for your various applications. any inquiry please feel free to contact us.

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