The Production Precess Of High Precision Seamless Cold Drawn Pipe

The Production Precess Of High Precision Seamless Cold Drawn Pipe

High precision seamless cold drawn pipe is made by cold rolling, cold drawing or cold rolling and cold drawing.It is a unit for deep processing of hot rolled pipe or welded pipe.

According to metal processing performance, pipe size, quality requirements, investment and benefits to choose different processing methods and the corresponding auxiliary procedures.The basic procedures of cold rolling and cold drawing pipe are as follows :(1) pipe material supply; the pipe material used is hot rolled finished pipe or semi-finished pipe, extrusion pipe and welding pipe;(2) Preparation of pipe materials, including inspection, baling, pickling, cleaning, flushing, neutralization, drying, lubricant application, etc.;(3) Cold working (cold rolling or cold drawing);(4) Finishing of finished products includes heat treatment, straightening, sampling, head and tail cutting, inspection (manual inspection and various defect detection), hydrostatic test, oiling, packaging, storage, etc.Different products have different finishing contents.

Seamless Cold Drawn Pipe production unit is characterized by material from the input to the processed into finished products after many usually take cold deformation and strain hardening, and the whole production process is composed of multiple preparation process and the deformation process, and has the characteristics of reciprocating cycle, thus process, production cycle is long, the metal consumption is larger, the production efficiency is low, general production scale are unlikely.

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