Applicable Standards of 34CrMo4 seamless steel tube

Applicable Standards of 34CrMo4 seamless steel tube

34CrMo4 main Alloy composition is Cr and Mo. 34CrMo4 Steel is a high quality Quenched and Tempered Alloy Structural steel, It belong to the high quality low carbon,Low alloy chromium, molybdenum, nickel case hardening steel. Oil Quenched & Tempered Hardness is 18-22 HRc.
34CrMo4 seamless steel tube has high durable strength and creep strength at high temperature, good impact toughness at low temperature, good hardenability, no tendency to overheat, small quenching deformation, plasticity is fair when cold side shape, medium machinability.  The nearest equivalents are 34CrMo4 in EN10083-3 or 4130 in ASTM A29 with some deviations

Poor weldability, pre-heating before welding, post-welding heat treatment and stress elimination, generally used after quenching and tempering treatment, can also be used after high and medium frequency surface quenching or quenching and low and medium temperature tempering.  

Applicable Standards of 34CrMo4 seamless steel tube

— EN 10083-1 steel for quenching and tempering generaltchnical delivery conditions

— ASTM A370 standard test methods and definitions for mechanical testing of steel products

— JIS G3429 seamless steel tubes as  high pressure cylinder tubes.

— ASTM E112 standard test methods for determining average grain size

— ASTM E45 standard test methods for determining the inclusion content of steel

Test and inspection of 34CrMo4 seamless steel pipe

Chemical composition (Ladle and product analysis)

Tensile test (on heat treated samples)

Impact test (on heat treated samples)

Flattening test (on heat treated samples)

Bending test (on heat treated samples)

Hardness test (on heat treated samples)

Electromagnetic inspection

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