How to strengthen the property of honed cylinder barrel?

The honed cylinder barrel is basically composed of cylinder and cylinder head, piston and piston rod, sealing device and so on. If we want to enhance its property, how to do it well?

1. The use of CNC electro-hydraulic servo valve to control the hydraulic cylinder can achieve linear and real-time control of the output, so as to improve the property of the hydraulic cylinder;

2, cylinder barrel has strength, can bear dynamic working pressure, long time work without deformation;

3. With stiffness, it will not bend under lateral piston force and mounting reaction force;

4. Less friction between inner surface and guide parts and seals, which can be used for a long time;

5, cylinder barrel and flange to be good welding, no crack.

6, to the correct installation of the hydraulic cylinder sealing device: the installation of the sealing ring should pay attention to the direction of its installation, to avoid leakage due to installation

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