What is the solution of hydraulic cylinder scratch

What is the solution of hydraulic cylinder scratch

What is the solution of hydraulic cylinder scratch? In the process of using hydraulic cylinder, it is inevitable to encounter some hydraulic cylinder scratches, which will affect the normal use of hydraulic cylinder, but also affect the production efficiency. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers introduce the solution of hydraulic cylinder scratch.

Solutions of hydraulic cylinder scratch:

The surface of the inner hole of the hydraulic cylinder may be scratched during use. The following article, to introduce the solution of the hydraulic cylinder scratch.

1. After the material is cured, the material is repaired above the guide rail surface with a fine grindstone or scraper, and the construction is completed.

2, with oxygen acetylene flame roast scratch parts (control the temperature, so as not to surface annealing), the perennial metal surface of the oil baked off, baked until no sparks splash.

3, with Angle mill surface treatment will scratch harm, grinding depth of more than 1mm, grinding groove along the guide rail, dovetail groove. The holes at both ends of the scratch are deepened to change the stress.

4, with absorbent cotton dipped in acetone or anhydrous ethanol to clean the surface.

5. The material has a performance of 24 hours at 24℃. In order to save time, it can be heated by halogen tungsten lamp, the temperature increases by 11℃, the curing time is shortened by half, and the curing temperature is 70℃.

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