How Do Telescopic Cylinders Work?

How Do Telescopic Cylinders Work?

For many types of machinery, a welded rod cylinder has a long enough reach to perform the required function. On equipment where a longer reach is needed, a telescopic cylinder does what a welded rod can’t. Its ability for a longer extension makes it perfect for dump trucks, garbage trucks, and other heavy-duty construction equipment.

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders have a design that works with various equipment types. Though commonly used in construction equipment and dump trucks, you will also find them on military vehicles, offshore drilling equipment, and countless other places.

Whether you need a telescopic cylinder versus a welded rod design depends on your equipment design and application. Here are situations where you should consider using a telescopic hydraulic cylinder:

Telescopic Cylinders

You require a longer stroke length than a welded cylinder can provide
The equipment where you plan to install the cylinder is compact or you are working with confined spaces
The application requires achieving a specific elevation or angle.

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