How to produce custom hydraulic cylinder

How To Produce Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom hydraulic cylinders are built to fit every dynamic need of the machinery. You can commission the design and fabrication of specialty cylinders that perfectly meet unique pressure and fluid capabilities to minimize the risk of malfunctions or fluid leaks. You will also have cylinders that are a perfect fit for extremely powerful machinery when standard cylinders and seals aren’t good enough.

As a professional customer hydraulic cylinder manufacturer,we strive to provide the highest quality custom-made cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and stainless steel cylinders—all backed by exceptional service. We ensure you have the hydraulic cylinders you need to keep production moving.

If you require our engineer to make a design,please advise us the following specification:

  1. Rated pressure
  2. Working pressure
  3. Test pressure
  4. Working condition and environment ,for example ,temperature ,working frequency
  5. Pulling force ,and return stroke force
  6. Pulling and return speed
  7. Assembly size
  8. Seal ring requirements .For example , brand ,seal material etc .
  9. Cylinder Barrel and piston rod raw material requirements
  10. Piston rod surface treatment requirements, for example chroming film thickness,Surface hardness etc .
  11. Painting and other spare parts requirements .
custom hydraulic cylinder
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