DIN 2391 St 52 Roller Burnished Steel Tubes

DIN 2391 St 52 Roller Burnished Steel Tubes

Roller burnishing is performed on the return stroke. The plastic deformation taking place provides a surface finish of Ra= 0.05 – 0.20 µm – better than broaching, grinding or even honing. Roller burnishing also means an improvement in surface hardness.Roller burnishing steel tubes made mainly for the hydraulic cylinder industry and other applications where fine-finishing of the internal diameter of a tube is required, Primarily for hydraulics in the contracting, mining and construction industries.

Standard :DIN 2391(EN 10305-1)

Steel grades : St 52 (E355)

I.D. tolerance:H8

Inside diameter :between 20-1500 mm

Outside diameter : between30-1600mm

Tolerance of Wall Thickness ±7%

Surface finishing: roughness Ra < 0.40 µ (average 0.15÷0.35 µ)

Chemical composition and property of DIN2391 ST52 Cold drawn seamless Roller burnished steel tubes

ANBAO HYDRAULIC stock cold drawn steel tubes, seamless DIN 2391 grade St 52, or welded DIN 2393  grade St52.3, in stress relieved conditions (BK+S).The tubes are hot rolled according to DIN 2448/1629,grade St52 On request St52.3 N ( normalised tubes).

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0,22 1,60 0,55 0,025 0,025
Tensile strength Min 640 mm²
Yield Point Min 560 mm²
Elongation % min 14
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