ST52 Honed Tube Heat Treatment

ST52 Honed Tube Heat Treatment

ST52 Honed Tube as a product must have a certain performance to meet the needs of the usage conditions.

The heat treatment of honed cylinder tube is a very important process. After heat treatment, it can get better performance.Then how to heat treat honing pipe?

1, its heat treatment processing process: forging annealing, rough machining, tempering, semi-finishing, stress reduction, rough grinding, high frequency quenching, tempering, finishing.

Heat treatment methonds of ST52 Honed Tube

1, tempering : the purpose of tempering and tempering is to make it can have good comprehensive mechanical properties, because in order to make it can obtain higher toughness, corresponding strength and excellent mechanical properties, we generally need to conduct tempering and tempering treatment of st52 material.

2, stress elimination treatment: the so-called stress elimination treatment, honing pipe sale, in fact, refers to the stress removal.In general, annealing casting, forging, welding parts in the cooling due to the cooling rate of different parts of the internal stress, so to deal with stress reduction.

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ST52 honed tube
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