Why does the hard chrome bar break

Why does the hard chrome bar break?

If there is no problem in design, processing and material, the pre-tightening force should not be too large during installation, otherwise the chrome bar will break when the maximum force reaches the yield limit. After long-term operation, due to the intermittent wear of the cylinder, the piston in the horizontal column will sink, so that additional load will be generated at the connecting thread, and then running, it is possible to break the chrome bar, which should be paid special attention during maintenance. In addition, the chrome bar may be broken when the chrome bar is subjected to a strong impact due to damage to other parts.

In order to make the compressor operate normally and continuously, and to extend its service life, a regular maintenance and overhaul system should be implemented. The occurrence of compressor failure will have a great impact on the production of part or all of the unit, so it is essential for the daily maintenance of the compressor. In routine maintenance and overhaul, relevant staff are required to make records and detailed information, which will play a key role in the next failure or overhaul. In routine maintenance, we need to record relevant content: whether the various indicators indicate normal, cooling water flow and water temperature, parts replacement, load adjustment and gas volume adjustment device inspection.

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