Application Of 42CrMo4 chrome plated bar

42CrMo4 chrome plated bar is manufactured from low-alloy chromium-molybdenum steel and supported by an induction hardened case offering greater strength and resistance to mechanical damage from external impact. It is used in applications requiring greater yield strength in combination with greater surface impact resistance.

The piston rod material 42CrMo4 hardened and hard chrome plated with the material number 1.7225 is suitable for heavy use and is especially wear-resistant thanks to its hardened surface layer with a surface hardness of 56–64 HRC.

Due to the material’s high stability very high forces can be transmitted, e.g. for small connecting threads with large piston rods.

Hard chrome plating means that an especially thick chrome layer is applied after the pre-honing and before finishing the honing process. The layer thickness depends on the rod diameter and has a hardness of more than 800 HV.

Hard chrome plated piston rods can be used between -15°C and 200°C.

Delivery condition:
Hard Chrome Piston Rod ( HRC 15-20)
Quenched & Tempered (Q+T) Rod (HRC 28-32)
Induction Hardened Rod (HRC 55-62)
Q+T Induction Hardened Rod (HRC 60-65)

Application Of 42CrMo4 chrome plated bar

Machine centers,Machine tools

Precision machining machines

Heavy cutting machines

Punching machines,

Marble cutting machines

Automatic equipments

Grinding machines

High speed transfer equipments

Injection molding machines

Measuring equipments.

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