Skived and roller burnished precision tubes

Skived and roller burnished precision tubes are cold drawn, skived and roller burnished. They can be used for manufacturing any hydraulic cylinder.

Skiving and roller burnishing is finishing method that does not remove the material in the form of chips, but rather transforms the surface layer. We will not achieve such accuracy in the geometry of the workpiece compared to honing, but it is more advantageous in terms of surface quality. Final surface will have no spiral grooves and roughness Ra 0,2.

Tubes are made of ST52  BK+S (E355SR) material – similar to 11523 steel according to ČSN – low-carbon steel grade with guaranteed weldability. we also produce Honing Tubes in this design,normal size large in stock.

Advantages of Our Honed Steel tube And Roller Burnished Steel Tube

1.High precision tolerances;

Our honed tube can meet ID tolerance H7, H8, H9, … etc according to the customer’ requirements, and its I.D dimension.

2.Seamless tube with high pressure resistance;We only use seamless cold drawn tubes to produce honed pipes, which means our honed tubing can work under higher pressure, thus our honed pipes are more reliable for hydraulic cylinder applications.

3.High Smooth inside surface;

The roughness of our honed pipe is Max Ra 0.4 microns ID finish (16Max Ra ID Finish).

Flexible order quantity: we accept small quantity orders, even if there is only one piece of hydraulic cylinder tubing we can produce and supply.

4.Good weld ability: The weld ability of our Skived and roller burnished precision tubes is very good, this is quite helpful for manufacturing the cylinders.

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