How to ensure the quality of ST52 honed tube

ST52 honed tube is mainly used in engineering, metallurgy, plastics, mining, road construction, textile and other industries. cold-rolled seamless hydraulic cylinder tubes are mainly processed in three types: cold rolling, cold drawing and honing. The honing pipe is made of a high-precision grinding machine, which is used not only for round holes but also for hardening the tooth surface, which is also a polishing method. It can be used as a combined grinding tool that can be mounted on a floating fixture to make it self-adjusting. Therefore, the shape error of the hole can be reduced, but the geometric error of the hole cannot be reduced.


1. Whether the honing pipe and the rolling pipe are suitable for the hydraulic cylinder: both the honing pipe and the rolling pipe are suitable for two kinds of pipes and hydraulic cylinders, which can be selected and determined according to actual conditions and use requirements. Moreover, this is a must for us. But in terms of performance, they are not exactly the same.


Second, hydraulic steel pipe has a honing pipe: hydraulic pipe can be divided into two types of fluid pipe and oil pipe, so the answer is yes on this question. In addition, we also need to know that there is also a hydraulic steel pipe in the cold drawn pipe, so it can also be used to polish the pipe.


Third, how to ensure the quality of the honing pipe: In order to ensure the quality of the honing pipe, we can take some necessary measures from the following aspects to achieve the purpose: to ensure the quality of the materials used in the workpiece itself. Guarantee the quality of the honing or honing head.

St52 honed tube
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