Process of high precision cold drawn steel pipe

Process of high precision cold drawn steel pipe

High-precision cold drawn steel pipe is a new type of high-tech energy-saving products. In recent years, the use of this technology to produce precision steel pipe has been widely used in domestic hydraulic, pneumatic cylinder, coal down hole stent (pillar), oil pump tube, jack and other manufacturing areas. High-precision cold drawn precision steel pipe to promote the use of saving steel, improve processing efficiency, energy conservation, reduce the hydraulic cylinder, cylinder processing equipment investment is important.

Cold-drawn way: the production of high-precision cold-drawn tube ─ ─ hydraulic cylinder compared with the traditional cutting process, has the following characteristics:
(1) High production efficiency: the traditional way to produce a diameter of 420 mm, 12 meters long cylinder to be 154 hours, with cold drawing method to produce only 4 minutes.
(2) The high rate of genuine: the boring of the rolling head and play a guiding role in the cutting process, the blank tube due to self-weight deflection, resulting in rolling head and boring tool deviation, resulting in waste. Genuine rate can only reach about 60%, while the cold-drawn method of production, genuine rate of up to 95% or more.
(3) High metal utilization: the traditional boring method of manufacturing cylinder, metal utilization rate of only 50-70%. With the drawing method of production, the metal not only is not cut into iron, but can get 30% extension, metal utilization up to 95%.
(4) Improve the mechanical properties of finished pipe metal: the use of drawing method, so that the blank get more than 30% of the plastic deformation, due to hardening and processing of the finished tube metal strength limit greatly improved. Generally in the finished product tube strength limit increased by 60%.

The production process is as follows: Feed – Appearance inspection – Mechanical cleaning – Mechanical cleaning – Annealing – Straightening – Pipe head processing – Pickling – Neutralization – Washing – Sizing – Saponifiction – – Pull – Check – Cut – Honing – End Machining – Straightening – Assembly – Pressure Test – Packing

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