The main consideration of honing pipe design

The advantage of honing pipe(honing tube) in its main application process is that it is based on the improvement of product quality. Compared with the processing technology of high removal rate and short processing cycle, the honing pipe made of products during operation can obtain more ideal products.

Honing pipe is the best optimization and simulation process in nc machining, which will improve the accuracy of the honing pipe. Products and processes are selected according to different application requirements, including appropriate materials and reagents.

Honing pipe is a kind of high-precision pipe, which has a wide range of applications in various industries. In order to ensure the normal performance of honing pipe in use, the accuracy of the product should meet its corresponding standards, such as h7-h10 honing hole accuracy.

Honing pipe with high precision plays the most important role in impact, precise piston shaft, hydraulic cylinder, etc. Sometimes it is precisely because the pipe parameters in some aspects do not meet the requirements that the effect of actual use is greatly reduced.honing tube and skived &rolled burnished tube are widely used in hydraulic cylinder.

In the production process, honing pipe is mainly used to process products effectively through its special technology. Such products have been well applied in many fields, but many companies hope that the whole honing industry can have greater development, that is, to make its application advantages more obvious.

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