The Processing method of honed steel tube

The Processing method of honed steel tube

Hydraulic cylinder tubes are usually produced by honing or SRB (Skived & Roller Burnished) processes after cold drawing and heat treatment.

2.1) Honing:
In the honing process, abrasive polishing stones and paper are used to grind off a small amount of material in the inner diameter of the tube to achieve the required extremely precise inner diameter dimensional tolerances,, and to remove surface imperfections from the tube drawing process and obtain the desired surface finish.
With the honing process, Anbao Hydraulic can provide honed steel tube with an accurate tolerance of ID size up to 0.021mm (H7), with a surface roughness better (smoother) than Ra 0.8um.

2.2) SRB (Skiving & Roller Burnished):
The process of Skiving & Roller Burnished (SRB for short) is a single step that uses a Skiving tool on the forward stroke to skive the tube ID to the desired size, and uses roller bearings on the reverse stroke, to burnish the surface to the required roughness. The SRB process is faster than honing and usually can produce more precise tolerances and smoother surface finish than honing.
Using the SRB process, Anbao can supply honed steel tubing (seamless skived tubes) with ID dimension tolerance as precise as 0.021mm (H7), and smoother inner surface roughness than Ra 0.4um

Generally, hydraulic cyliner tubes and pneumatic cylinder tubing produced by the above two processing are both called Steel Honed Cylinder Tubing. SRB tube is a kind of honed tube. To choose which processing method, it depends on customers’ preference and the ID of the cylinder tube.


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