The Features Of Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

The Features Of Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

When deciding on the type of hydraulic cylinder you need for your machines, a wide range of options are available, including but not limited to, single-stage cylinders, double and single acting telescopic cylinders (large and small bore), tie rod cylinders, double end cylinders, mill type cylinders, and accumulators. While each might come close to matching the requirements, there will always be some differences.

For instance, the cylinder piston shaft may be of a different material, the diameter too large, or the bore slightly smaller than what you’re looking for. Such scenarios mean that it’s better to purchase a custom-designed hydraulic cylinder which will be built to fit your needs and match your specifications.

Now we’ll discuss some features of custom-designed hydraulic cylinders that set them apart from the rest.

Standard or “Off-the-Shelf” cylinders are generic in their applications and prove suitable for machinery which is mass-produced and has its specifications based around the functions of a standard cylinder.

Custom-design hydraulic cylinders cover all imaginable situations. The piston shaft and other parts are manufactured to the exact diameter and length and are made from the material best suited for the application. Valve manifolds are also incorporated in the cylinder’s body.

Custom-designed cylinders are made to operate under specific conditions such as high temperatures due to the close proximity of furnaces, high pressures while operating deep under the sea or in freezing temperatures and sub-arctic conditions. They have also been known to operate even after remaining in a retracted or extended position for years on end.

Characteristics commonly found in custom-design cylinders include:

  • Unusual coatings, finishes, and materials
  • Unusual pin and port locations
  • Extremely large bores and longer strokes
  • Compact designs
  • Integrated mechanisms such as valves, manifolds, and electronics
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