The Production Process Of CK45 Cylinder Piston Rod

The Production Process Of CK45 Cylinder Piston Rod

Anbao Hydraulic is professional CK45 cylinder piston rod manufacturer and supplier in China. Our full range of processing for cylinder rods includes peeling, rolling, grinding,micro fissured hard chrome plating, polishing and final packing through the extrusion of recyclable polyethylene on the finished bar .We have our own corrosion resistance test chambers (NSS) and laser surface controls ensure monitoring of our full production.

The complete production process, from peeling to packaging, is fully automated. The micro fissured hard chrome overlay on the surface ensures outstanding resistance against mechanical frictions and aggressive environmental conditions.

STEP 01: Peeling, Rolling,Pre-forming,Grinding and Pre-finishing
STEP 02: Automated high frequency micro fissured hard chrome plating process through degreasing, plating and addition to the standard chrome overlay it is possible to supply custom-designed solutions.

STEP 03: Polishing through multiple abrasive belts, computerized laser tolerance control, automatic surface defects detection and subsequent quality selection.

Feature Of Our CK45 Cylinder Piston Rod

  1. Precision CK45 steel material parts strictly according to customer&request drawing,packing and quality request
    2.Tolerance: can be kept in +/-0.01mm
    3.The most advanced inspector to ensure the quality
    4.Experienced technology engineers and well trained workers
    5.Fast and timely delivery. Speedily &professional service
    6.Give customer professional suggestion while in the process of customer designing to save costs

We are able to offer best hard chrome rods and chrome bars for our customers. If you are interested in our chrome plated bars, hard chrome rodinduction hardened chrome bars.

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