How is the piston rod heat-treated

Piston rod is a connecting part that supports the piston to do work. It is mostly used in the hydraulic cylinder and cylinder movement execution part. It is a moving part with frequent movement and high technical requirements.Taking hydraulic cylinder as an example, it is composed of cylinder cylinder, piston rod (cylinder rod), piston and end cover.The quality of its processing directly affects the life and reliability of the whole product.

1. After the heat treatment of the chrome plated rod, the brittleness of the raw material of the piston rod was reduced to the minimum, so the toughness of the raw material of the piston rod was greatly improved.

2. After heat treatment, the impact toughness of the piston rod can be maximized under the condition of low temperature. In fact, the quality of the raw material of the piston rod can be improved from different aspects and the service life of the piston rod can be effectively extended.

3, after the chrome piston rod heat treatment can effectively improve the wear resistance and hardness of the piston rod surface, effectively reduce the possibility of cracking after quenching.

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