What is the UNE F1140 steel material equivalent to?

What is the UNE F1140 steel material equivalent to?

The material UNE F1140 steel belongs to the material group “Quenched And Tempered Steels”. The steel material “UNE F1140” has fourteen alternative names. We also have the chemical analysis of UNE F1140 available for you below.

F114 is a steel within the UNE standard for unalloyed steels for quenching and tempering. Its equivalence in the UNE standard would be the F-1140. This is a carbon steel for applications in machinery parts with an average resistance of between 70-90 Kg/mm2. This steel has a wide range of uses, parts for agricultural machinery and for the automobile in general: cylinder rods, sleeves, screws, levers, wheel hubs, etc. In F114 steel, surface hardening is recommended in multiple applications. The equivalence of F114 steel in the DIN standard is CK 45.The material “UNE  F1140” contains Chrome, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Phosphorus, Silicon and Sulfur.

Good resistance material. F114 steel or CK45 steel is weldable (controlled preheating and cooling required). Good friction behavior. Good material for quenching and tempering, achieving high toughness. The yield strength of quenched and tempered carbon steels is much higher than that of standard steels.

F1140 steel equivalences

Rule Denomination
UNE F-1140
WNR 1.0503
AISI 1045

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