What’s The Difference Between Cold Rolling And Cold Drawing

What’s The Difference Between Cold Rolling And Cold Drawing?

Cold rolled steel” refers to the steel rolling process done at or near room temperature. Cold rolling involves the rolling of flat rolled coils and sheet products. It undergoes more processing than the hot rolled steel because more pressure is required to form its shape. It has the added effect of strengthening the material and improving the finished product’s mechanical properties through work hardening. The cold rolling process creates a finished product that has a more precise dimension than a hot rolled product. This is because melting does not take place during the rolling process unlike the hot rolled steel. Cold rolled steel is less malleable than hot rolled steel, making it limited to only a few simple shapes. However, with uniform cross section and small transverse dimension, other cold rolled shapes can be obtained using a series of shaping operations. It is mostly used when a surface with a better finish is required. Common applications include flat steel products for automotive parts and construction works suck cylinder barrels.

Cold drawn steel is similarly processed at room temperature like the cold rolled steel. Here, hot rolled bars or hot rolled steel coils are brought down to room temperature. The room temperature steel is then hammered and rolled to ensure it fits through a die and is then pulled through the die to reshape it into a thinner shape without altering the volume.

Compared to hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel, cold drawn steel tube products can be manufactured to give more precise measurements and sharper corners. This is because hot rolled steel products changes in shape during the cooling process.

Cold drawn steel also has an improved yield and tensile strength over hot rolled steel products.

Cold drawn steel products include long products used in the production of machined parts, automotive motor parts, shafting and fabricated structural units.

Cold rolling and cold drawing both are similar in term of dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Cold drawing is a necessary process for small-size pipes while pipes with a diameter of more than 150mm, it is not recommended.

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