Quenched / Tempered Induction Hardened Piston Rod

Quenched / Tempered Induction Hardened Piston Rod

The piston rods are induction hardened with Q&T. After induction hardening with Q&T, the piston rods could not only obtain greater mechanical properties, but also achieve a greater resistance to damage from external impact.

Induction hardening with Q&T consists of a two-stage heat treatment process.

Stage 1, the piston rods are quenched and high-temperature tempered to adjust the mechanical properties of the steel.

Stage 2, the cylinder rods are induction hardened in order to increase the resistance to damage from external impact in applications where there is risk for them. The induction hardening process creates a very hard, wear resistant surface while maintaining the proper toughness in the majority of the cylinder rods.

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