The Usages Of Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

The Usages Of Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

Welded hydraulic cylinders have no tie rods. Instead, the barrel is welded directly to the end caps and the ports are welded to the cylinder barrel. The front rod gland is generally bolted or threaded into the cylinder barrel, which allows the cylinder piston rod assembly and the rod seals to be removed for service.

Welded hydraulic cylinders possess a number of advantages over tie rod cylinders. Although tie rod cylinders can be cheaper to manufacture, they are usually considered “off the shelf” items and have limited options in terms of customizability. They are also less durable than welded cylinders. Welded body cylinders can be custom-engineered for specific applications.

Welded cylinders also have superior seal packages, which can help increase the life expectancy of the cylinder and can be beneficial when the cylinder will be used in locations that involve contaminants and weathering. Aesthetically, welded body cylinders have lower profiles than tie rod cylinders and can improve the appearance of the equipment on which it is used. Since they are narrower than their tie rod equivalents, welded hydraulic cylinders work well in applications in which space is a factor.

We recommend welded hydraulic cylinders for medium to heavy-duty applications requiring a low-profile design and high-pressure requirements. Anbao Group as a rich experience specialist in hydraulic field, there is virtually no cylinder we cannot manufacture or repair, We can also design any custom hydraulic cylinder to fit any project. contact us for more information if you need.

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