What is the material of Anbao Hydraulic honed tube?

What is the material of Anbao Hydraulic honed tube?

Anbao Hydraulic honed tube is also known as hydraulic cylinder tube. it is usually made of cold drawn seamless tubes or DOM tubes, as hydraulic cylinder tubes are usually used to manufacture hydraulic cylinders body, so it is called hydraulic cylinder barrel commonly. Anbao Hydraulic supplies many different steel grades for hydraulic cylinder honed tubes, the materials below are the most popular in hydraulic cylinder industry.

Anbao Hydraulic, one leading manufacturer of Ready To Honed Pipe,Honed Tube, Skived Roller Burnished Tube,we do all kinds of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic machinery, and pneumatic cylinders. We also provide Machining Service as per drawing, OEM/ODM welcome!

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Anbao Hydraulic honed tube
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