What’s the difference between chrome and stainless steel?

What’s the difference between chrome and stainless steel?

The difference between chrome and stainless steel is in their makeup. Stainless steel is a metal alloy without plating, containing nickel and at least 10.5% chromium to make it more durable. Different types of stainless steel are created depending on the amount of nickel and chromium in the alloy. Chrome, short for chromium, refers to the plating. Chrome plating is overlaid on a metal core. It consists completely of chromium and is not an alloy.

Chrome is typically polished and very shiny, although the satin and brushed varieties can be more matte. It’s used in both decorative and industrial purposes because it is corrosion-resistant and has a high level of lustre. It’s also a very light metal. This is why chrome dining chairs and chrome stools are often so popular – they are easily to move and rearrange because of their light weight.

Stainless steel is more durable than chrome. It’s corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and tarnish resistant. Depending on the environment, however, it is not completely immune to all stains or wear and tear. It’s often used in environments that need high strength, low cost, and a resistance to corrosion, like in cookware, cutlery, and industrial appliances.

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