The applications of stainless steel hydraulic cylinders

The applications of stainless steel hydraulic cylinders

Stainless steel hydraulic cylinders are used in applications where corrosion resistance is the utmost priority. Standard cylinders are made from combinations of alloy steel, such as 1020, 1045 and 4140, which are all susceptible to oxidation and rust in humid or wet applications. Even when epoxy painted, carbon steel cylinders exposed to surface abrasion, dents or harsh chemicals can wear away any paint, leaving exposed steel to corrode.

Marine environments often require the usage of stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, both onshore and offshore. Saltwater is especially damaging to standard alloy steel, which will rust rapidly when exposed to saline. Maritime cylinders used for cranes, boat lifts, davits or other machinery do well when made from stainless steel alloys.

Offshore oil rigs are especially prone to aqueous corrosion, and although special construction and coatings can mitigate some oxidation, the nature of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders makes them more prone to corrosion. Manufacturing cylinders in 316-grade stainless steel produces an especially resistant raw material for offshore applications.

stainless steel hydraulic cylinders
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