Rolling process of CK45 hard chrome plated steel tube

Rolling process of CK45 hard chrome plated steel tube

Rolling processing is a kind of chipless processing that uses the plastic deformation of metal at room temperature to flatten the microscopic unevenness of the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of changing the surface structure, mechanical characteristics, shape and size. Therefore, this method can achieve both smoothing and strengthening purposes at the same time, which is impossible for grinding.

Generally, the surface of the CK45 hard chrome plated steel tube material should be pickled first and then inspected. The slight defects of the honed tube can be repaired. To repair and honing the outer surface defects of the pipe, peeling lathe, centerless grinder, portable or hanging grinder can be used.

Honing uses one or more whetstones installed on the circumference of the honing head, and the whetstone is expanded radially by an expansion mechanism (both rotary and push types) to press it against the wall of the workpiece hole. Produce a certain surface contact. At the same time, the honing head rotates and reciprocates, and the parts do not move; or the honing head only rotates and the workpiece reciprocates, so as to realize honing.

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