Hydraulic Cylinder Barrels

Hydraulic Cylinder Barrels

The main function of the cylinder body is to contain cylinder pressure. The hydraulic cylinder barrels are mostly made from honed tubes. Honed tubes are produced from Suitable To Hone Steel Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes (CDS tubes) or Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) tubes. Honed tubing is ready to use for hydraulic cylinders without further ID processing. The surface finish of the cylinder barrel is typically 4 to 16 microinch. Honing process and Skiving & Roller burnishing (SRB) process are the two main types of processes for manufacturing cylinder tube.The piston reciprocates in the cylinder.The cylinder barrel has features of smooth inside surface,high precision tolerance, durable in use etc.

We make barrels for new or refitted hydraulic cylinders of common or special designs, and we can also repair hydraulic cylinder barrels (depending on the degree of damage).

Besides the manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinder barrels, we also manufacture other hydraulic equipment parts:

hydraulic cylinder barrels

ANBAO GROUP is a professional manufacturer in hydraulic cylinder barrels and rods, we have exported to more than 60 countries in the world, we produces hydraulic equipment or its components using modern technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes,if you have any inquiry ,please contact us for more.

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