Extremely Large Custom Build Hydraulic Cylinder

Anbao Hydraulic is an expert at designing and manufacturing large diameter bore hydraulic cylinders and long stroke hydraulic cylinders for virtually any application.

During the design phase, close attention is paid to the specific conditions of the application. This includes loads, operating temperatures and environment, service requirements, safety factors, holding valve requirements and working pressures. Our engineers use proven and proprietary design methods to ensure issues such as case growth, rod deflection and bearing binding are mitigated.

We are committed to being unique in the hydraulic cylinder manufacturing market. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process gives us a total cost advantage over the life cycle of every custom hydraulic cylinder we make.

In order for you to get a better price and technical solutions.Please provide the following required parameters:
1.Bore diameter;
2.Rod diameter;
4.Working pressure;
5.Front and back end mount type;
6.Using frequency;
7.Work Environment;

large bore honed tube
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