What is the advantages of our chrome plated rod?

What is the advantages of our chrome plated rod?

  1. Carbon steel balances durability, hardness, and wear resistance using formability, weldability, and durability;
  2. Chrome plating provides corrosion resistance along with an Extremely reflective look
  3. High precision tolerances, which ensures when used to make hydraulic piston rod, it can fit the cylinder precisely.
  4. Good Hardness: the surface hardness attaining HV850 minimal and upward, which not only help improve wear resistance but also help extend the life span of these chrome plated rods, thereby helping the consumer save the cost.
  5. High performance of strength: The yield strength of chrome plated bars can be 75000 psi up to 100000 psi.


Besides chrome plated rods, Anbao Hydraulic also produce and supply induction hardened chrome plated cylinder rods.honed tube,hydraulic cylinder barrel,hollow chrome bar

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