Increasing the resistance to buckling of piston rods through induction hardening

Increasing the resistance to buckling of piston rods through induction hardening


Hydraulic cylinder piston rods are induction hardened in order to increase the resistance to damage from unanticipated external impact in applications where there is risk for such; examples are piston rods for hydraulic cylinders in excavators and loaders and for power-steering cylinders. An additional advantage afforded by induction hardening is improved resistance to inadvertent handling damage during cylinder manufacture.

Induction hardening of hydraulic cylinder piston rods engenders not only a protection from damage in the event of external impact but also improves the mechanical properties of the rod and in particular, the resistance to buckling failure in push mode. This increase in buckling resistance can be accounted for by considering the rod as a composite material with a tube of hardened steel surrounding a solid core. Consequently, in relation to a non hardened rod with the same steel base, the diameter of an induction-hardened rod can be downsized leading to a number of benefits including but not restricted to reduced weight and lower costs.

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