Hydraulic Cylinder Tube And Rod Straightness & Concentricity

Why the honed tube and chrome rod exist straightness and concentricity problem?

Raw tube thickness is not uniform,the cold drawn process can only change ID/OD,but can not remove the tube wall thickness different.

The way to ensure 100% concentricity and straightness:

  • Use raw tube with 100% uniform thickness(it is not available at market,100%is not realatic)
  • Make the OD bigger than request and turning the OD to the required size,after this 100% straightness and concentricity honed tubes and hollow rods can be achieved.This is workable but cost is high

For example,customer need size ID120*OD140mm.First we need to prepare tube with OD143mm then turning it to 140mm

Advantage Compare:

Normal cold drawn tube with ordinary straightness and concentricity

Advantage: most customer’s choice,low cost,producing time is fast stock available

Disadvantage: concentricityand straightness is not high

OD machined cold drawn tube with high precision straightness anf concentricity

Advantage: 100% concentricity and straightness

Disadvantage: need to customize,high cost,producing time is longer ,stock not available

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