ST52 Tube Supplier, DIN 2391 ST 52 Welded Pipe Manufacturer in China

ST52 Pipes are a type of Low Carbon Manganese Steel. DIN 2391 ST52 Pipe is a readily weldable low carbon manganese steel and also have good impact resistance. We supply all sizes Carbon Steel DIN 2391 Tubes, Carbon Steel DIN 2391 ST52 Pipe and ST52 DIN 2391 Carbon Steel Welded Pipes which are suitable to use in the untreated or normalised condition. The mechanical properties of ST52 Grade Seamless Pipe are similar to mild steel pipe. ST52 DIN 2391 Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes are also procured by Construction & welded components for general engineering.

ANBAO is the largest ST52 Pipe Manufacturers In China. We produce ST 52 Tube, ST52 steel pipe, ST52 Hydraulic Tube, ST52 Cylinder Honed Tube & HFS Tube ST52. We provide Free quote for all small and large size orders for ST52 Carbon Steel Pipe & ST52 Steel Tube.

Anbao Hydraulic stock a wide range & wall thickness in ST52 pipe material used for low pressure conveyance of gas, Oil & Gas Pipelines, transportation of water, oil, air steam or other fluids. ST52-3 seamless pipe are very cost effective solution for machinery, buildings construction, irrigation & distribution of high heat, extreme cold & high temperature gases. ST52 Cylinder Honed Tube can be used in water wells.

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