How to judge the quality of hard chrome bar

How to judge the quality of hard chrome bar

1, surface hardness

Surface hardness is an important aspect to distinguish the quality of the hard chrome bar. Because the surface hardness of the product is not up to standard, it will directly shorten the service life of the product. So if you want to choose a good chrome bar, you must check its surface hardness.

2, surface roughness

The surface roughness of the hard chrome bar is not good, which will not only affect the service life of the product. In serious cases, it will also affect the plating quality, causing premature flaking or rusting of the plating layer. The hard chrome bar manufacturer will cause the product to lose its surface. Protective effect. Therefore, the surface roughness is also an aspect of distinguishing the chrome bar. In general, the proper range of the surface roughness of the chrome bar should be between Ra 0.2 and 0.4.

3, surface corrosion test

Because the induction hardened chrome rod has only high corrosion resistance, it can be used in places where oxidation is easy (such as water, chemicals, steam, sea water, etc.) to ensure its high performance. Therefore, generally good chrome bar need to pass the surface corrosion test, and the test generally reaches the salt spray test for 72 hours to reach level 9.

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