The Material Of Hydraulic Honed Tube

The Material Of Hydraulic Honed Tube

In the standard DIN2391 . the raw materials of the hydraulic honed tube are subject to fine drawing, non oxidation bright heat treatment (NBK state), non-destructive testing, high-pressure washing and acid pickling of the inner hole of the seamless steel tube, anti rust treatment of the inner and outer walls of the steel tube with anti rust oil and anti rust treatment of the two ends of the cover as dust-proof treatment.

The steel tube produced has high precision, good finish, no oxide layer on the inner and outer walls of the steel tube, can withstand the high pressure of liquid flow, and the steel cylinder tube is not deformed in cold bending, can be expanded and flattened without cracks.

Mechanical properties can be bent at any angle without deformation. It is mainly used for the preparation of steel tubes in the oil circuit of the hydraulic system, also known as the hard piping in the hydraulic system. It is a high pressure precision tube for automobiles.

The specification is generally the outer diameter (d) Φ 4mm-76mm, and the wall thickness (s) is 0.5mm-6.0mm. The length is 6m (except for customized), and the delivery status is NBK (normalizing), GBK (annealing), BKS (stress relief annealing). The main materials used are ST35, st37.4 (10 × 104m3), ST45 (20 × 104m3), ST55 (35 × 104m3), ST52 (16Mn), etc., which can meet the requirements of high precision, high finish, high tensile strength and high mechanical properties for hydraulic steel tubes.

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