The Applications Of Tie Rod Cylinder

The Applications Of Tie Rod Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are the most practical and useful of fluid power components, and for this reason, they have inevitably evolved into an almost endless array of configurations, designs and sizes.

Here are two popular classes of hydraulic cylinder: tie-rod cylinders and welded cylinders.

Before you can decide on which type of cylinder to purchase there are a few factors you need to consider. These are bore size, rod size and stroke length.

Bore size – This is the inside diameter of the cylinder barrel.

Rod size – This is the diameter of the cylinder piston rod.

Stroke – This is the distance that the piston travels between the fully extended and fully retracted positions.

The bore, rod and stroke measurements are related to the mass of the load to be moved and the available system pressure.

Tie rod cylinders are most often used in industrial factory applications. They use high strength, threaded steel rods and nuts to hold square or rectangular end caps to each end of the cylinder barrel. Seals are placed between the barrel and end cap to prevent leakage. Tie-rod cylinders are useful because they are not as complex in design as welded-body cylinders and can be completely disassembled for service and repair.

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