What is the suitable material for cylinder piston rod?

What is the suitable material for cylinder piston rod?

The cylinder piston rod is not just the object transmitting the force from the cylinder’s piston but also the interface between that cylinder and your machine. Before you can correctly select and then design the piston rod, you must understand the materials for cylinder piston rods. The following are the top  common piston rod materials on hydraulic cylinders.

Most commonly, the cylinder piston rod is made of carbon steel or stainless steel like CK45, SAE1045, 4140, 4340, SAE1518,SAE4145,JIS45C, 40Cr, 20MnV6, 42CrMo, SS431, SS430, Stainless Steel 304/316/2205, etc.and is then coated with Hard Chrome Plating (HCP).Chrome plating not only offers durable long-term protection against corrosion, but also provides a smooth finish that can be ground and polished to a precise diameter. This is critical to optimizing seal performance and providing enough clearance to allow lubrication between the rod and seal, but not outright leakage.

The  chrome plating used for hydraulic cylinder rods is called “Hard Chrome”. It is dull silver / grey in color, and as the name suggests, has a hard surface. Delivery Condition: Normal, Q+T, Induction hardened.

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Hard Chrome Plated Rod;
Quenched & Tempered Chrome Plated Rod;
Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Rod;
Q+T Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Rod;
Stainless Steel Chrome Plated Rod/ SS304/316/430/431/2205/17-4PH, etc.
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