SCM440 cold drawn seamless steel tube

SCM440 precision and cold drawn seamless steel tube

SCM440 cold drawn seamless steel tube is also called CDS tubes (Cold Drawn Seamless Tube). It’s is used widely in machine parts, shafts, bearings, cylinders having strength of 75000 PSD tensile. It is a solid carbon steel rod which is pushed on to the mandrel to form the shape of tube. It is available in different sizes.

SCM440 steel tube has better strength and good comprehensive mechanical properties after heat treatment, and is easier to process under heat treatment. It has excellent quenchability, can be deeply quenched and the temper brittleness tendency is less, widely used in the production of high strength steel fasteners such as engine, pressure vessle, gear, transmission parts, shaft, arm, cold forging parts, screw, etc..


1. Better tensile strength and percentage of elongation than chromium steels.

2. Combine with Cr and Mo, high hardenability, good resistance to tempered -softening.

3. Good strength and toughness

Applications Of SCM440 cold drawn seamless steel tube

1)       Boiler, Superheater, Heat Exchanger;

2)       Petroleum;

3)       Aerospace;

4)       Chemical;

5)       Electric Power;

6)       Military.

7)      Hydraulic Cylinder Barrel

The Equivalent Standards:

42CrMo4 42CrMo4 4140 42CrMo4 42CrMo

Chemical composition

C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni P S
0.38-0.43 0.15-0.35 0.6-0.85 0.9-1.2 0.15-0.3 ≦0.25 ≦0.03 ≦0.03

The Mechanical Properties

Tensile     Strength (kgf/mm²) Yield     Strength 0.2% (MPa) Elongation   -% in 50 mm (min.) Hardness,   HB
≥1080(110) ≥930(95) 17 285~352
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