The Production Process Of Chrome Plated OD Tubing

Chrome plated od tubing is also known as chrome plated hollow bar,chrome plated tubing a very important part for producing hydraulic piston rods and roller shafts in various machines. The biggest advantage of chrome plated od tubing than normal chrome plated rod is that the unit weight is light, people can greatly reduce the weight of the hydraulic piston rod, when design the hydraulic cylinders.

The Production Process Of Chrome Plated OD Tubing

Step 1. Get the steel tubes heat treated as per customers’ request.

Step 2. Cutting the raw material hollow rod into lengths

Step 3. Straightening the hollow rods

Step 4. Peeling on the steel hollow rods

Step 5. Straightenning

Step 6. Grinding the steel hollow rods

Step 7. Straightening the ground hollow bars.

Step 8. The second grinding process

Step 9. Polishing on outer diameter surface

Step 10. Chrome plating

Step 11. Final polishing

Step 12. Final inspection

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