What the producing process of Honed Barrel

What the producing process of Honed Barrel

Hydraulic cylinder barrels endure conditions of extreme pressure. To make them resistant to the extreme conditions under which they operate, the inside diameter of the barrel is honed to a smooth surface finish, ensuring that the barrel is free from ovality and that the bore is parallel.

The smooth surface protects the piston seals during operation, extending the effective life of the cylinder. The combination of experienced re-conditioners and high-quality machines, ensure that our clients receive the best reconditioned cylinder rods and honed barrels .


  1. We will source the materials E355 DIN2391 ST52 Or others, machine the different components and drill the port holes into the honed tube or hollow bar.
  2. The different components are then welded onto the tube at our factory.
  3. The semi-finished hydraulic cylinder barrel is given a final hone.
  4. Then we will package and deliver the honed barrel to your door.

Advantages of Our Honed Steel tube And Roller Burnished Steel Tube

1.High precision tolerances;

Our honed tube can meet ID tolerance H7, H8, H9, … etc according to the customer’ requirements, and its I.D dimension.

2.Seamless tube with high pressure resistance;We only use seamless cold drawn tubes to produce honed pipes, which means our honed tubing can work under higher pressure, thus our honed pipes are more reliable for hydraulic cylinder applications.

3.High Smooth inside surface;

The roughness of our honed pipe is Max Ra 0.4 microns ID finish (16Max Ra ID Finish).

Flexible order quantity: we accept small quantity orders, even if there is only one piece of hydraulic cylinder tubing we can produce and supply.

4.Good weld ability: The weld ability of our honed steel tubing is very good, this is quite helpful for manufacturing the cylinders.

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