What is Hard Chrome Plating?

What is Hard Chrome Plating?

Hard chrome plating is an electroplating process in which a layer of chromium is applied to a surface to improve corrosion and wear resistance, reduce friction, and extend the life of parts used in extreme working environments. A wide range of materials, component sizes and complexity can be plated making hard chrome a popular choice for many industrial and commercial applications.

Hydraulic cylinder rods, bearing fits and seal areas frequently get damaged and worn from heavy use. When no longer functional, a part can be hard chrome plated and polished or ground back to OEM Spec. This process can be repeated multiple times reducing equipment downtime and substantial replacement costs.

Our hard chrome plating process involves submerging a work piece in an electro-chemical bath. An electric current draws chromium metal from the chromic acid solution and applies it to the substrate. The result is a completely adhered layer of chromium that will extend the life of parts and components.

Before chroming a workpiece, it is prepared for ideal chrome adherence. The work piece is cleaned thoroughly, inspected, existing chrome is removed and any damage repaired. The piece is then pre-polished to a consistent size then masked for full control of the chromed area. After plating, the workpiece is polished to a precise dimensional tolerance and desired surface finish.

Hard Chrome Plating Applications

4140 chrome cylinder rod
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